Things to do until The Walking Dead returns

This is what we feel like doing 

We hate waiting and when we're waiting for The Walking Dead to return, that goes double.

So, what can we do to pass away the time, as we suffer from Rick, Daryl, Michonne and zombie withdrawal symptoms?

Well, we could plan our own Walking Dead party...stay tuned, details coming soon, including the Daryl/Rick drinking game...

But, while we're waiting we could while away the days by doing the following -

Get Rick's shirt. I found this one on ebay.

1. Dress like Rick Grimes or Daryl Dixon. Or, if you can't get someone else to and stand behind them.
These aren't bread sticks, these are are katanas like the sword Michonne wields.

2.Go around your local big store pretending the baguette bread sticks are a katana like Michonne's and practice chopping folk's heads off. If anyone says anything, tut and say "zombie," like that explains everything.

Zombie checkpoint sign.

3. Set up a zombie checkpoint outside your local shopping mall/school and stop folk asking to see their arms and ankles. If anyone asks why, say, "I need to check if you've been bitten."

Stage your own zombie battle.

4. Have a zombie battle in the forest using plastic toy guns and swords. Do not do this in an area where they all look like Daryl and have crossbows.

Freak out your workmates by saying you've been bitten.

5. Turn up at work/school/a family party with ripped clothes, covered in fake blood (get one of those fake blood capsules) with scratches and bites and say, "I've been bitten. These guys came out of nowhere and started eating the guy who was with me. Never seen anything like it. Better sit down, I feel faint."

6. Put up makeshift signs around town with crude drawings saying things like "ZOMBIES - STEER CLEAR OF THE INFECTED" and "ZOMBIE VIRUS - STAY AWAY."

Or, you could always watch The Walking Dead marathon this weekend. But, hey, that doesn't mean you can't do all the other stuff as well.

7. Read this zombie novel.
Zombies in the snow.
No guns.
A ragtag of survivors battle with each other and the dead bastards to survive.

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