Have yourself a Walking Dead party

Zombie hide and seek

You've waited so long for Rick, Daryl, Michonne & Co to make their return. So, why shouldn't you celebrate now The Walking Dead's back? 

Here's some ways to have the best Walking Dead party ever.

1. Dress up as a zombie.

Hair should be wild looking and all tangled. Well, when was the last time you saw a zombie in the hair salon? Em. never? Yep. That's because the undead have only thing in mind - brains, must eat brains and feast on human flesh.

Clothes should be torn like you've been ravaged by a pack of wild dogs.Check out the outfits here.
Don't forget the teeth. Gleaming whiter gnashers don't cut it in the zombie world. What does is teeth rotting and covered in blood like the gums are always bleeding.

Eyes should be unfocussed and should lack the understanding and self-awareness that makes us human. This can be achieved by weaing contact lenses.

Tip - If you're dressing up as a zombie the less sleep you have the better. Zombies have a haggard look.

Other things you will need -

a prop limb or even better, human heart
For tips on how to create that zombie look, check out this amazing video.

2. Get some zombie decorations.
Unfortunately, none of us can have this.
So, how about making up some balloons?

Or, getting yourself a zombie hand?

3. Make yourself some zombie cupcakes
Where would any WD party be without some suitable eats? Check out this YouTube video to see how to decorate your zombie cupcakes.

There are plenty of other foods you could try that wouldn't look out of place on a zombie's dinner table (if there was such a thing). Stuff like -

Hot dogs cos they look like fingers. Check these ones out. Aren't they awesome cos they look like severed fingers? Those ones were made in honor of the Harold & Kumar movie. See here for details.

Sausage and mashed potato - the sausages look like legs or fingers.

Cocktail sausages - instead of just sticks, make little crosses.

Spaghetti bolognese - if you use a lot of red food dye, they'll looks like human intestines.

Want some more inspiration? Check out these awesome cakes.

4. Play The Walking Dead drinking game
Any time you hear the word "walker" it's drink time.
Any time you hear the word "walker" you have to take a drink (soft drinks can be used if you're too young for booze. After the next commercial break somebody else gets to choose the word. Possible words governor, Westbury, damn, ammo, infected and bitten.

Drink up, you're Maggie.

Game 2 - In this game, everybody gets to be a character. Write down a list of characters, on individual pieces of paper, roll them up and place in a bowl. Each person gets to pick one. Whenever that name comes up the person who's that character has to take a drink.

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