What next for The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead will return on February 2013, but what's going to happen next in the show?

Here's the things I want to see....

1. Daryl and Merle to beat the crap out of each other and use it as a ruse to escape...

Who says the show isn't big enough for both of them?

The actors who play Daryl and Merle Dixon will reprise their roles in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is a first-person survival game set prior to the events of AMC’s popular TV show.

Read the full story here.
2. Andrea to stop being the dumb blonde and to see the Governor for what he is...
Open your eyes, Andrea. He's a wrong 'un

and bring an axe down on his head to split it in two. Sadly, the Governor hasn't lived up to the comics or the hype (at least in my mind, although he's had his moments).

3. Morgan brilliantly played by Lennie James to re-enter the fray.
Let's find out how he and his son, Duane, who nearly split Rick's head open with a spade survived. Go on give us some hope. It was vintage zombie fare when Rick was holed up in Morgan's place summoning up the courage to send a bullet through zombie mom's brain.

4. Stop killing the black guy.
We've already lost T, we don't want to lose Tyreese.

T-Dog, who was continually starved of storylines, lasted longer than expected, but Tiny (ironically the big guy from the prison) lasted less time than it took for him to be introduced despite coming across as a character they could do a lot with.
Now Tyreese (played by The Wire star Chad L Coleman) has arrived with his band of survivors, do us a favour - don't kill the black guy.  
Check out this great interview over at Collider.com withChad L Coleman and chant after me - "Don't kill Tyreese, don't kill Tyreese. Pretty, pretty please."

5. Give the survivors some hope.

The haven at Hershel's farm ended when they got swamped my zombies.
Lori didn't live long enough to see her baby. Hardly surprising when the tot was cut out of her.

The heaven that was Woodbury (at least in the zombie age) turned out to be a real life hell created by a man who turned out to be a psychopath and a madman.
I mean who tries to brush a zombie's hair? The walkers are decomposing.
6. Bring it on Michonne.
The best thing to happen to the show is this awesome, kick ass, katana wileding zombie assassin. In a show where the women seem to end up relying on men, she's a breath of fresh air. The only thing she needs is her mighty katana.

For some spoilers, check out this link
To go to the official TWD site, click here.

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