What are you blethering on about? A guide to Scottish words in Dead Bastards

Dead Bastards was originally going to be called Deid Bastards - deid is the Scottish word for dead. So, I thought it would be fun to look at the Scottish words used in my zombie book and the words that didn't make it.

Dunderhead (this can also be dunderheid) - This is a term of abuse and means someone who is an idiot.

How to use it - "That guy is a total dunderhead."

Lum - The Scottish word for chimney.

How to use it - "He smokes like a lum."

Blether - This means talk or chat.
How to use it - "We had a right good blether."
It can also be used with ing at the end i.e. "stop your blethering." In other words, don't talk so much.

Glaikit - one of my all-time favourite Scottish words, when we say someone's glaikit we mean they look stupid and slow witted.

How to use it - "Look at that big glaikit guy playing up front."

That's no  - Scottish people talk really fast and we have an economy of words so whatever we say rolls of the tongue.

How to use it - In sentences where you would say not i.e. Instead of "that's not fair," we would say "that's no fair."

Goonie - this means gown. Despite the fact "goon" is in it, this has nothing to do with the heavies Tony Soprano would have.

How to use it - "The hospital goonie barely covered my bum."

Irn Bru - the unofficial national drink of Scotland made by Barrs, this is the number 1 selling soft drink in the country. It's also known as a great hangover cure.

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