Is this how David Cameron would look as a zombie?

In Dead Bastards, David Cameron gets attacked by a political rival, which stuns everyone. Well, the rival politician did die the day before.

This is how I reckon Cameron would look as a zombie.

What other delights are in Dead Bastards?

1- there's a zombie snowman - somehow you know he won't be content with just a carrot.

2- there's a zombie vixen who wants to get down and dirty with one of the main characters. Who said it was just brains on a zombie's mind?

3-there's a unique way to disorientate these zombies.

4-there's a homage to Dawn of the Dead when the gang end up at a shopping mall.

5-there's also some comedy. What? In a zombie novel? Well, yes. Scots have a unique way to dealing with things - usually using black humour.

Can bagpipes help them survive the undead hordes? 
Read the book to find out.

Dead Bastards is available now.

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  1. I wish I'd seen the Year of Infection calendar before I went and bought one with views of Mount Teide! I am not a fan of The Walking Dead, but I think I shall have to buy your book. Lizy from TB