5 Reasons Why Rick Grimes isn't becoming Negan In the Walking Dead

For most of The Walking Dead we've been Team Rick all the way. But since he and his gang slaughtered the Saviors at an outpost as the men slept, there have been accusations that our favourite apocalyptic sheriff is as bad as Negan.

An accusation that was aimed firmly at Rick again after he executed the Hilltop prisoners who’d escaped and that included the man who’d just saved his life.

Killing the Saviors while they slept - is this something Negan would do?

Here are 5 reasons why Rick isn't as bad as his arch nemesis Negan.

Nobody has to go around saying "I'm Rick."

1. People follow him freely. They can leave freely.
He doesn't have a cult like Negan. Nobody except Rick goes around saying. "I am Negan." Rick's in a group: Negan's in a cult. The cult of one - Negan.

Rick discusses his plans. Negan issues orders.

2. Negan has an almost pathological need to be in control.
Rick has constantly said that if anyone else wants to lead that he will step aside. Negan needs to be in control. 

3. Negan delights in sadistically torturing and murdering people.
Hence Dwight's burnt face. Glenn and Abraham getting their heads caved in with a baseball bat. The Sanctuary's doctor Dr Carson getting burnt alive in a furnace. Glenn and Abraham getting their heads caved in with a baseball bat.

Daryl being starved and mentally tortured by some truly appalling music. Easy listening Easy Street ain't when you hear it over and over again.

4. Negan takes women as his wives and puts them in his harem. Rick sees women as equals and doesn't need to bribe, threaten or coerce anyone into sleeping with him.
The fact two of Negan's "wives" tried to get Eugene to kill him shows how much he is despised.

5. Rick has real friends, whilst Negan's has people around him that are terrified of him.
Rick might not always agree with Daryl, Morgan, Maggie, Michonne and Carol, but he respects what they have to say and there's genuine affection there. 

If they disagree with him they don't get an iron to the face.

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