Morgan Jones crossing over to Fear the Walking Dead could herald in the Whisperers

Morgan Jones in Clear

The news that Morgan will be The Walking Dead character crossing over to Fear The Walking Dead, has been met with some anger and confusion.

Anger because had the show just telegraphed the major character who will die in The Walking Dead?

Confusion because everybody assumed it would be Abraham our favourite ginger haired sergeant who'd be making the crossover and that Fear would focus on him and has family and how he lost them to the walkers after they ran off.

So, what will Morgan's story focus on - if it's a full story that is and not a blink and you'll miss it cameo?

Considering the timeline it looks like the events Fear The Walking Dead will have will feature Morgan from between season one when Sherriff Rick Grimes leaves him and his son Duane and season three, Clear where Morgan Jones appears to have turned crazy. At that point when Rick meets him, his son Duane is dead with the suggestion that the wife he couldn't kill, Jenny, bit the poor kid and Morgan Jones had to put him down.

During his now legendary rant, Morgan talks about -

"People wearing dead people's faces."

Clearly he's talking about the Whisperers who skin walkers and wear them so they can easily get through the walker hordes.

Rick thinks Morgan's gone bananas and replies- 

"I'm not wearing a dead man's face."

The Whisperers make Negan and the Saviors look like teddy bears and are led by a scary female character called Alpha.

With Morgan and the Whisperers Fear The Walking Dead season 4 could be very entertaining indeed.

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