How to halt The Walking Dead's ratings slide

The start of the hit show's fall

Ratings are down. People are either tuning in or tuning out because of Negan. 

Characters are acting uncharacteristically dumb.

The death of Glenn someone everyone cared about was a death too far. The show that had earlier staged the cheap death of Tyreese still hasn't recovered.

Now it faces losing fan fave Morgan to Fear The Walking Dead at a time when fans are now saying Fear is the better show.

Smart Rick has done some dumb stuff

Stop making smart folk do dumb things

Rick goes back to the Garbage people. Yep, the same ones who stabbed him in the back and sides with Negan.

Jesus brings some of Negan's soldiers back to the Hilltop as prisoners and Maggie lets him.
Come on Walking Dead writers, you need to do better.

The only message Rick should have been delivering is a bullet in the show's most annoying character's brain. Jesus, Jesus, why would you bring some of Negan's band of killers back to your home?

The characters doing dumb things all started with the contrived situation whereby most of Rick's pals all ended up waiting to see if they'd be next to be on the barbed wire Lucille that Negan was swinging.

How did they fit the huge cast into one pic?

Cut the cast

There's too many of them and there's not enough we really care about. Would we really care if Rosita died? They haven't developed the character enough.

Same goes for Tara. I probably wouldn't be saying that if they'd actually allowed a same sex couple to be happy and not be torn apart by death and we'd seen their relationship develop.

As for slimeball Gregory. He's guilty of treason so why isn't he dead? And he's annoying.

The Jesus character has lost his way telling people like Maggie who watched her husband Glenn get his head caved in with a baseball bat that she's got to show compassion. Would anyone miss him now his earlier promise has been ruined by weak writing?

Enid wouldn't be missed either. 

Rid Trash People of

The ridiculous Jadis

Apart from the spike covered armoured walker Rick's forced to fight by the Garbage people what have this band of weirdoes and one word sentence talkers brought to the show?

Time to take out Jadis and the rest of her boring trash.

The only good thing the trash people have brought to the show

Give us & Daryl something to laugh at

When Daryl smiles we smile

Hey, we know it’s the apocalypse and end of the world stuff, but does it have to be so darn depressing all the time?

What's wrong with a laugh every so often like one of the best Rick lines ever to Daryl when he has to leave him at the Kingdom so Negan doesn't find him at Alexandria

His parting words were - 

"Maybe you can stare him (Ezekiel) into submission."

Give us some hope of a cure

When Eugene arrived there was hope

We haven't had that since Abraham and Rosita arrived on the scene with Eugene who conned them into believing he had a cure. 

Every show needs hope. The Walking Dead has lost of that. Every season now seems to be about beating the next big bad like Negan. 

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