Why Negan's ruining The Walking Dead

We get it, Negan's a bad guy.

Like a lot of Walking Dead fans I was looking forward to meeting Negan. He's such a major character in the comics and when the part was cast you thought this will be interesting.
If only.

Since his introduction Negan has ruined the show for me and I'm not alone.

Before he was first seen on screen we heard cast regulars saying how mesmerizing Jeffery Dean Morgan is in the role. But if he's so good, why is the world's most popular TV show losing so many viewers?

Sure not seeing most of our favourites on screen each week doesn't help - but then, maybe letting the cast do other things is the only way to keep them?

We need more King Ezekiel and less Negan.

These so called bottle episodes have mainly fallen flat, apart from one. Hey, why give us just one episode of King Ezekiel, Chiva, court jester Jerry and rebellious Richard who the King saved from Negan's bunch of thugs?

Glenn's grisly death put off viewers.
Glenn's grisly death that was seen as too sick by some with the double whammy of losing Abraham first also delivered a right punch in the gut. Some viewers said they wouldn't be watching again.

But it's having the show that's strength has been its strong characters like Carol, Rick, Michonne and Daryl, centre around just one man that's really screwing with the Walkerverse.

For one thing, Negan's predictable posturing has got boring. There's no surprises. He's the Big Bad Wolf who's gonna blow everyone's house down. He's the panto villains who never says something in a word where twenty will do.

Negan's bullying of Daryl Dixon is getting old. 

He's got fan favourite Daryl Dixon as some kind of janitor, shuffling about in rags.

And he kills boy children as young as eleven according to the Oceansiders.

And that's the thing about Negan - he's too extreme and it wouldn't surprise you to find out he eats babies too.

Bow to Negan? Give me a break.

He's not a leader. He's the biggest bully the show has ever had. Watching him make a man like Rick Grimes cower and Daryl Dixon walk around in rags is not what I want to be watching. Nor is hearing about his wives - women forced to sleep with him in exchange for keeping their loved ones safe.

What do I want to see on the show? How about this-
When the two D's, Daryl and Dwight were alone in that room with Negan and he was boasting about sleeping with Dwight's wife and contributing to the death of his wife's sister, they could and should have tried to kill Negan.

Dwight could have let Daryl go then come out roaring, "The prisoner killed Negan." Then he could have taken over.

Dwight could have teamed up with Daryl and killed Negan.

At the end of the day, Negan is just one man. He can die like everybody else. Yet he's treated like he's untouchable.

But the worst thing about the baseball bat wielding thug isn't his grinning thuggery that's all done with a tremendous amount of bragging and long winded speeches, it's that in Negan's world the threat from walkers seems have been extinguished and he's the biggest threat to civilization.

Here we have a zombie show where the undead are getting less and less terrifying as the show goes on and one character is the source of all the fear.

It's time The Walking Dead's makers realised it's a show about zombies and not about a smug thug with a baseball bst named after his dead wife Lucille.