The Walking Dead's Biggest Shock Ever? Every baby Dies.

There have been rumors that more than one main character will die in The Walking Dead season 7 premiere. And that whatever happens will be a major game changer for the show.

I wrote a blog post on Why it shouldn't be Glenn they kill and another on Who I think will die in the show. You can read it here 

But what if Negan doesn't kill them all?

Maggie's in a pretty bad way and it's odds on that somebody will die trying to help her. Not that anybody can help her unless the laughably named Saviors have a doctor. Let's face it calling bloodthirsty thugs who murder some of your group to teach them a lesson the saviors is a bit like calling Terminus Disneyland.

But there's still a strong chance that Maggie and her baby may not survive and it won't be Negan's fault?

In episode 13 of season, The Same Boat, Carol and Maggie are captured during Rick's ill fated attempt to kill Negan who's nowhere the complex they raid.

After Maggie reveals she's pregnant, one of her captors a young woman with a striking resemblance to Maggie, reveals she was pregnant too but lost the baby in the apocalyptic world.

What if since the outbreak very few or no woman can have a baby?

Sure Lori had Judith, but what if she got pregnant BEFORE the outbreak? Maybe to Shane when Rick was in a coma?

Now that would be the biggest game changer in the Walking Dead universe since the 'We're all infected.'

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