The Walking Dead's Biggest Shock Ever? Every baby Dies.

There have been rumors that more than one main character will die in The Walking Dead season 7 premiere. And that whatever happens will be a major game changer for the show.

I wrote a blog post on Why it shouldn't be Glenn they kill and another on Who I think will die in the show. You can read it here 

But what if Negan doesn't kill them all?

Maggie's in a pretty bad way and it's odds on that somebody will die trying to help her. Not that anybody can help her unless the laughably named Saviors have a doctor. Let's face it calling bloodthirsty thugs who murder some of your group to teach them a lesson the saviors is a bit like calling Terminus Disneyland.

But there's still a strong chance that Maggie and her baby may not survive and it won't be Negan's fault?

In episode 13 of season, The Same Boat, Carol and Maggie are captured during Rick's ill fated attempt to kill Negan who's nowhere the complex they raid.

After Maggie reveals she's pregnant, one of her captors a young woman with a striking resemblance to Maggie, reveals she was pregnant too but lost the baby in the apocalyptic world.

What if since the outbreak very few or no woman can have a baby?

Sure Lori had Judith, but what if she got pregnant BEFORE the outbreak? Maybe to Shane when Rick was in a coma?

Now that would be the biggest game changer in the Walking Dead universe since the 'We're all infected.'

When you get depressed by The Walking Dead and death/deaths to come at Negan's hands, remember this...

When you get depressed by The Walking Dead and imminent death/deaths at Negan's hands, remember this -

Reunions are sweet on The Walking Dead

The gang will back together, folks and Negan will be consigned to history just like the Governor:) 

Why Glenn shouldn't Die in The Walking Dead

Don't let it be Glenn.
We've waited such a long time after being left in heartbreaking limbo over what's been a very long summer.

Will Glenn be the one to die like he does in the comics at the end of Negan's bat Lucille?

If you're asking me, the last thing I want is the TV show to follow the comics.

For one thing, it makes it too predictable and I want to be surprised.

Killing off such a major character as Glenn would be a death too far. Tyreeses's death in the show was pointless apart from letting someone direct a Tarrantino-esque episode. 

The show simply doesn't have enough major characters to lose Glenn, one of say only half a dozen characters that could have a stand alone episode and keep you interested. Apart from flashes from Aaron, the Alexandrians have been a boring, whining, inspid lot. 

When Rick's new squeeze and her two kids died, did we care? 

Glenn feel like he's the one person on the show who represents us. Maybe it's because we've been with him from the beginning.

From the minute the former pizza delivery boy arrived on the scene and saved Rick Grimes. To the moment he finally had to break his code of having never killed a human being at one of Negan's outposts.

So, who should Negan kill?

I love horror movies, so this is how I'd like things to go -

Negan swings his baseball bat like a pantomime villain and aims it at the man he perceives as the biggest physical threat.

Someone who glares him down whilst everybody watches on helplessly or looks away.

Somebody who doesn't quiver in fear.

That man's Abraham.

The shock of what's happening makes Maggie go into premature labour.

The baby comes out stillborn and starts to eat her. After the first bite, Maggie's fate is sealed.

Meet Maggie's baby 

As everybody watches on in horror, Negan merely smiles. When you're a sociopath and kill without any regret or emotion, watching a zombie baby eat it's mom ain't that shocking.

How would that change The Walking Dead universe?

1. It could mean that since the outbreak most babies cannot be born safely. Lori was okay because she might have become pregnant by Shane/Rick before the outbreak.

2. With Maggie gone, Glenn would have to find a way to carry on. Would he turn to the dark side? I sure hope so. It'd give us a chance to see another side to him.

3. Carol would come back in full psycho killer mode, something I hope she will do when she hears about what Negan did and how he steals men's partners and forces them to sleep with him in exchange for food (that's if his character follows the comic).

4. Morgan would need to realise his "All life is precious" mantra should be "Some life is precious and the other kind needs a bullet to the head." We could get to see more of that stick action.

So, what do you think folks, how would you like to see The Walking Dead premiere go?