What next in Season 7 of The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead season 6 finale left most of frustrated, angry, sad even as we watched what we assume was someone die at the hands of Negan's vicious bat Lucille.

But with Morgan and Carol coming across two men in body armour who are probably from The Kingdom, the finale did offer some hope.

But apart from us meeting new people, what else can we expect in season 7 of the hit show?

Here's some suggestions -

1. Michonne's gets her revenge on the man who cut off one of her dreads.

2. Where Daryl's arrow goes into Dwight, the X-ray will look like this. 

3. If Abraham does get battered to death by Negan's baseball bat this is how he'll go out.

4. The next time Rick hears a man whistle, he'll do this.

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