4 things that should happen when The Walking Dead returns on Feb 14th

Could we be set to see a Valentines Day massacre when the hit show returns? 

Hell, yeah, it seems like we will. How about getting the party started with a Walking Dead party

But, what else should we hope to see when our no.1 obsession returns?

Here's my wish list - 

Daryl Dixon returns to being a kick ass - You don't mess with Daryl f***ing Dixon. We all know that and we need to see it again.

They could start by getting Daryl to take care of the biker gang who say to him, Abraham and Sasha that everything they own now belongs to Negan, preferably by using the rocket launcher as a way to say goodbye. 

Rick gets real

He's Rick don't screw with me Grimes, so when you see him letting a clearly bitten Deanna see baby Judith for the last time, you can't help but think what the hell is he doing? 

You don't let a walker to be near your baby - you aim for the brain.  He didn't and it could have cost him. He was lucky it didn't. 

We need the old Rick "I'm taking care of business" back. 

Morgan, there's a time to kill.

Morgan needs a pep talk - There's no time for mollycoddling during the zombie apocalypse.

 What Rick should have said to Morgan when he refused to kill the Wolves during their bloodthirsty rampage through Alexandria is, "Hey, man, you gotta kill or be killed. If its be killed, then go off on your own. I'm not having Carl, Judith or any of the gang killed because of your BS."

There's always been the hint that Duane Morgan's son was killed by the walker wife he refused to kill. Maybe Rick should have mentioned that too.

I'm a huge fan of the show, but they need to stop ruining great characters. They did it with Andrea. Now they're doing it with Morgan. 

Remember - Sending anyone else away apart from Carol, Michonne and Morgan would be a death sentence. Morgan is one of the few people who'd survive alone. 

Aaron the top Alexandrian

Time to ditch those Alexandrians - Apart from Aaron and maybe Jessie, they're a dull, chicken sh*t lot who wouldn't last 2 seconds in the apocalyptic landscape unless they'd got lucky as the Alexandrians did. 

Would we miss any of them? Apart from Aaron I'm thinking not. Let's face it, Jessie would just end up another Lori. 

Note - I'm not counting doctor Denise who's interesting. 

Well, folks what would you like to see? 

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