Is **** dead in The Walking Dead - SPOILER WARNING

How we felt after watch s6 03

If you haven't watched episode 3 of season 6, Thank You, don't read this.

Glenn is one of the original cast members of the show, but what we all want to know is did he die at the jaws and grasping hands of the walkers?

Nicholas sees no other way out.

Did Nicholas, who should have had a bullet in his brain long ago after he tried to kill Glenn twice, eventually get him killed?

Here's the case for both sides.

YES, Glenn died. 
1. Glenn called Rick "dumb ass" on the walkie talkie. That could be a nod to their first ever encounter when Glenn was on a supply run and saved Rick, calling him a dumb ass on the walkie talky. 

2. The story of the man from Alexandria getting back to his wife Betsy, had parallels with Glenn trying to get back to Maggie. 

3. We could have seen Glenn getting eaten but it was hard to see from the camera angle. 

No, Glenn survived. 

1. The episode was called "Thank you." Nicholas who was clearly suffering from PTSD, said those words to Glenn before he blew his own brains out. Could it be that Glenn is the one saying that to Nicholas whose landed on top of him and perhaps saved him from the walkers? 

Blood and guts can save you in The Walking Dead.

2. If that is the case, Glenn will be covered in Nicholas's blood, guts and viscera making the zombies think he's one of them. That could allow him to hide under the dumpster that's there. He and Rick talked about a signal - could he have a flare gun that will distract the walkers and help him get away? (I think/hope he does).

FLASHBACK - Remember how Rick got Glenn & his then gang to cover themselves in guts to get past the walkers in an episode? Carol did the same to great effect on her one woman rescue mission at Terminus. 

What happened to kickass Maggie? 

3. Without Glenn, there'd be little point in having Maggie. She used to be a kickass, but now she's babysitting the head of Alexandria, although she might be pregnant. 

Maggie's gone soft. When Glenn told her how Nicholas tried to kill her, she should have killed Nicholas. 

When Father Gabriel bad mouthed Rick and Co, she should have put a bullet in his head.

4. The show is short of big characters. We have Rick, Daryl, Michonne and the all mighty Carol. The rest seem disposable.

They left a huge gap by killing off Tyreese. "WHY DID YOU DO IT?" we wail.

Abraham hasn't been given a lot to do and seems to have given up. Ditto Sasha, Eugene, Rosita, Tara and even Maggie. Apart from Aaron, the Alexandrians are pretty hopeless. Heath shows promise by saving Michonne as she almost fell going over that fence. 

Well, what do you think? Have we said bye-bye to one of The Walking Dead's most popular characters?

WHAT I THINK I think Glenn will live to fight another day. I reckon having Nicholas on top of him and the blood from the shot on his face will have saved him.

He'll find a way to escape the walker hordes.

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