Are the Morales family heading back to The Walking Dead?

When we last saw the Morales family, the camp they were staying in with Rick, Shane, Dale and the gang had just been attacked by walkers. Morales (we never heard his first name) decided to take his wife Miranda, daughter Eliza and son Louis leave for Birmingham, Alabama where he thought it'd be safer, whilst the rest of the group headed for their ill-fated trip to the CDC in Washington.

Could they have survived against all the odds and soon be reunited with Rick's group?

Morales could come in handy. 

There has to be a good chance. The show has lost three main characters in Bob, Beth and the biggie, Tyreese.

The addition of a new family would bring hope and Morales is a man who can handle himself. He did manage to stay in a group that included Merle after all.

And he helped defend the camp from the invading walkers that kill several of the survivors including Andrea's sister Amy and Carol's thug of a husband, Ed.

Morales is being tipped to be in The Walking Dead's companion show, Cobalt, but that doesn't rule out a top show return.

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