Z Nation - The highlights so far

The first few episodes of Z Nation were disappointing for me. With low production values and low grade acting, I almost stopped watching. But, the show's picked up and there have been highlights. 


Zombie babies eat people. FACT.

The zombie baby in the first episode. One minute, it was, "how are we going to look after the baby?" The next, said helpless baby isn't so helpless and is devouring Hammond. 

Citizen Z here.

Citizen Z (played by DJ Qualls) - One of the few characters developed so we care about him. Having him create a fake relationship with flame-haired survivor Addy Carver, shows how lonely he is. 

An interesting guy.

10K - so called because that's how many zombies he wants to kill. It was a touching moment when he recounted how he has to kill his dad. And the flashback was a good idea too. The reason The Walking Dead is so popular is because we care about the characters.
Up to now, Z Nation had failed to do that, until we got 10K's story. 

Doc and zombie pal.

They almost killed a main character. Before, apart from Hammond, surviving the zombie apocalypse seemed far too easy. The storyline with Doc made a change. We thought he'd become one of the undead, right up to the moment they shot at him.

A doped up zombie. I've seen a lot of zombie shows and movies and I've never seen that being done. 

Zombies get smarter

Zombies playing dead in the water. In Z Nation, the zombies do evolve. They - well some of them - have got smarter. 

On the downside...
They still need to slow down the pace. There's too many things happening all at once.

Another blink and you'll miss it moment

Example - in the last episode, they were out gunned by a gang who took their vehicle, right after that they came across a family who looked like they were being robbed by the same gang only for the family to turn out to be the robbers. The family killed the gang. Right after, they came across the family being eaten by zombies.

Moments of drama, lose their impact if they all happen at once. 

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