Why Rick Grimes will shave off his beard (we hope)


Crazy beard man.

As well as not wanting to look like the crazy man who he let out of the old railway carriage (who promptly got eaten), there's one reason why Rick Grimes will shave his beard - bearded men don't do well on The Walking Dead.

Don't believe me? Just ask these guys.


Jim was left to die against a tree at his own request after being bitten. Maybe he should have shaved. 

Daryl had to end poor Dale. 

Dale was walking along the quiet fields of Hershel’s farm, when he was bitten by a roaming zombie and had to be put out of misery by Daryl Dixon. Ironically, Carl Grimes had been taunting the walker earlier.

Trusting Shane can seriously ruin your chances of staying alive.

Otis was collecting medical supplies for Carl, when he and Shane were confronted by a gang of walkers. Shane thinks how do I get out of this and decides to use Otis as a diversion. He shoots him in the leg, leaving him to be devoured by walkers.

Baddie Tomas gave him a few whacks to the head.



At the prison, Big Tiny was scratched by a walker while clearing out the cell block and fellow convict Tomas who repeatedly smashed his head in with a crowbar.

Hershell will be missed.


When the Governor cut off Hershel's head with a sword, we wept.


Pulling a gun on Rick was a bad idea, as was not getting a shave.
 Joe from The Claimers got what he deserved.
Rick ripped his throat out, we cheered. 

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