The 5 top moments from The Walking Dead Premier (Season 5)

Wow, what can you say. The Walking Dead kicked off with a rollercoaster episode that left us breathless for more. The show had everything.

Here's my top 5 moments -

"I'm gonna kill people."

1. Carol going all Rambo.
From when she left Tyreese and Judith and headed for Terminus with some firecrackers in her rucksack and a seriously bad attitude and the parting words, "I'm gonna kill people." Was there ever any doubt that she would save them all?

She created the explosion that saved Glenn, Rick, Bob and Daryl from having their throats slit and drained into a trough in the Terminal's and triggered everybody's escape from Terminus.
Arguably Carol is the toughest character on the show. She did what had to be done with Lizzy. You could say the same for David and Karen.

The transformation of battered housewife and grieving mother is complete. Carol could well be the last person standing in The Walking Dead.

"Cross any of these people, you kill ‘em. Don’t hesitate…they won’t.”
"They don't get to live."

2. Rick Grimes going all Die Hard
Show them mercy? Screw that. They did screw with the wrong people and Rick vowed that none of them would be left standing.

Not that we'd disagree. They left Woodbury be and look what happened. Hershel died, he almost lost everybody.

A new Rick is emerging and you don't want to screw with him.

He's going to be ruthless because he has to be.

3. Tyreese crashing back into that cabin and killing the I'm gonna kill Judith guy, leaving a trail of dead walkers in his wake.

Was there any doubt the T-Man would survive despite being ordered out of the cabin by the would be baby killer?

In an all guns blazing episode, Tyreese got some memorable screen time, especially later when Rick thanked him for looking after baby Judith. We couldn't make out the words, but that's what made the scene work.

4. Daryl and Carol's reunion
They could have ruined it by having Daryl sweeping Carol into his arms and kissing her and ruining another female character like they did with Andrea.

Instead, what we had is two people who found each other in the zombie apocalypse being reunited. Two people who love each other, but probably not in a romantic way.

Kudos to the writers for not falling into the let's have another ZA romance. Maggie and Glenn fill that role well enough.

5. The return of Morgan.
He's been in only 3 episodes, but they were 3 of the finest episodes in the show. We heard that he was coming back, but when we saw him it still knocked us on our butts.

What we want to know now is where is Morgan heading?

Who's leaving the marks on the tree for him to follow?

Has Morgan gone bad, or is he heading to meet up with Rick?

We can't wait to find out.

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