The Beginning...Flash Fiction

He's harmless. Isn't he?

Dad found a mouse in our house today. We've called him Mickey.

Our mouse is a cannibal. We saw him eat another mouse. He gobbled him right down until all we could see was the tail. Yuck.

Mickey bit Dad today. On the finger. He smiled and said it was nothing, but he was up all night screaming about his brain. Mum says she'll phone a doctor in the morning.

Came home from school to see Dad trying to bite Mum. She was screaming, but we managed to lock Dad in the bathroom. Is that just one of those adult games play, that we're not meant to see?

Dad is dead. Mum had to hit him over the head with a poker. She said if she hadn't he'd have killed us. I don't understand. Dad would never hurt us. Would he?
It was terrible. Dad's head was all bashed in, but even I was scared of him.

Mum tried to kill me today. I ran to a friend's house. They said I can stay here. I'm so scared. What if Mum and Dad come back, but they're not Mum and Dad any more? That happened to a boy at my school.


  1. I love it! Short & sweet, but it builds, because we zombie fans know things are not going to go well. ;-} The world is ending (well, eventually), not with a whimper, but with Mickey the mouse.

  2. Thanks Nikki:) That means a lot coming from a zombie expert like you:)