Meet the zombie insects

Midges play a prominent role in Scottish zombie novel Dead Bastards, but outside of Scotland little is know about these blood sucking insects.

A cloud of midges like the ones in Dead Bastards
Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about midges –

1. Midges are microscopic insects that are barely visible to the human eye. You usually only see them because they hunt in packs and you see the black cloud as you walk by them, or if you’re very unlucky, they come towards you.

2. Midges are also referred to as midgies.

3. Although people might call midges Highland midges, these insects are found all over Scotland, particularly in warm, humid weather conditions and they love the countryside, particularly woodland.

4. Midges are resistant to all insecticides, although there are some sprays that do deter them but don’t stop them biting completely.

5. Unlike mosquitoes, midges don’t carry malaria. In fact, apart from their bites that get itchy, they are relevantly harmless. At least at the moment…

I won't tell you how, but these beasties play a part in Dead Bastards. Available now on Amazon.



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