In a zombie apocalypse, shoot the children first

(WARNING - if you haven't seen the Walking Dead mid-season finale, don't read this)

Is Lizzie the most dangerous person in the Walking Dead?
In a zombie apocalypse, it’s only right that the adults protect the kids, but maybe the adults need protected from the kids.

Well, one kid in particularly – Lizzie Samuels. Because there’s a pretty good chance that she was the one who killed Karen and David, and Carol’s protecting her.

Here’s why.
Lizzie has an unhealthy obsession with walkers - In 30 Days Without An Accident, Lizzie is seen with other kids naming the walkers outside the prison. Carl tells her they shouldn’t name them because they’re not people and they kill people. Lizzie responds by telling him that people kill people and they have names.

In Infected, the hand of someone is seen feeding the walkers rats using a flashlight to point their way. That’s something a kid would do and it might have led to the illness that the people in the prison suffered.

but did Carol indirectly cause Karen and David's deaths?
Lizzie offers to “kill” her father so he won’t come back as a walker. Would a normal little girl be able to do that? In the end she couldn’t and Carol branded her weak.
After that, David and Karen are found dead.

Could Lizzie have reacted to Carol’s “you’re weak” comment by toughening up and killing the pair? Sounds like a possibility.

If Lizzie did kill David and Karen, and Carol found out about it, she could blame herself for what Lizzie did and take the blame. Carol could also have dragged their bodies and burned them to protect Lizzie.

Her little sister Mika, tells Carol that Lizzie isn’t weak, she’s just “messed up.”
Lizzie cries when her favourite walker Nick dies for good
Lizzie runs off crying when she finds out the walker she called Nick has been killed. Again, this suggests an unbalanced mind.
Carol tells her: “Lizzie, those are walkers. Nick was a walker. You don’t feel bad about that walker dying, you feel bad about your dad. You loved him and he’s gone.”

Natural born killers?

She knows how to kill
Lizzie is there when Carol teaches the kids how to use knives in their makeshift classroom.

Just as we were worried we were about to see the demise of another character, Lizzie save Tyrese by drilling a bullet into Alisha’s forehead and another soldier. And that leads to another prospect – did Lizzie team up with her younger sister to kill Karen and David? The dead pair wouldn’t have seen that coming.

Rick also found a very small, low handprint on the door near where Karen and David were found. A child's handprint.

Daryl knows Carol didn’t do it
Daryl when told that Carol killed David and Karen says, “That aint her.” Nobody knows her better in the show than Daryl.

Here’s the dialogue from the scene -

Rick: Hey, hey, she killed two of our own. She couldn’t be here. She’s going to be alright. She has a car…supplies…weapons. She’s a survivor.

Daryl: I don’t believe it.

Rick: She did it. She said it was for us. That was in her head. She wasn’t sorry.

Daryl: So, she deserved it. Well, that ain’t her.

Did a deathbed promise make Carol cover for Lizzie?
Carol’s promise to the girls’ dad
On his deathbed, Lizzie’s father asks Carol to look after his two daughters. When Carol makes a promise, she sticks to it and the two girls were her chance to be a mother again after losing Sophia.

Would that extend to Carol covering for a pint-sized sociopath or even sociopaths? I think so.

Only time will tell. One thing’s for sure, we can’t wait for the series to return on February 9th.

What do you think?

Leave your comments below and remember, stay safe and keep aiming for the head.


  1. I have to admit...I wasn't even looking at Lizzie. But I could see Carol doing what she had to do. So the post makes sense to me. But the children seem to be far more adaptable to the current situation, more so than the adults at times. So is Lizzie nuts, or just adapting? I think the kids are going to save the day!

  2. Kathi, I'm not sure if it's deliberate but all of the kids seem to be a bit creepy on the show. Look at Carl.

  3. Turns out your title comprises useful advice, at least regarding that adorable little murderously insane child.

    Mike James