Watch In the Flesh to discover what happens after the apocalypse

Meet Kieren Walker, he's a walker.

In the Flesh is a zombie show with a difference. It's set 4 years after the zombie apocalypse and the infected are cured thanks to a wonder drug that keeps their cannibal ways under control and allows them to be returned to their families.

The show focuses on the aptly named Kieren Walker and a volunteer army of people protecting their small town from any rotters (the name given to the zombies).

Naturally, they're not too happy to have the likes of Kieren & Co back and that includes his sister Jem who's turned into a gun totting zombie slayer.

The show manages to do something The Walking Dead often fails to do - it provokes an emotional reaction in the viewer because you care about the characters. Whether its the sympathy you feel for cured zombies like Kieren who are said to be suffering from PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome), or for the families of the dead who are not coming back who's pictures litter noticeboards.

Show creator Dominic Mitchell is obviously a huge fan of the zombie genre and the result is a well thought out and engrossing drama that would have been great as a movie.

There are some shocking moments, especially at the start and end of the first episode - I won't say what they are - but In the Flesh is a fantastic fresh take on the zombie genre not to be missed.

Don't watch this...if you're expecting a shoot 'em up zombie murder fest.

Watch this want a show that takes place after the zombie apocalypse and makes you care about the zombies.

Check out the trailer here

To find out more, go to BBC3's official page

The twitter hashtag for the show is #InTheFlesh

Understanding PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome)

The show is available on BBC iPlayer

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