Zombie costumes - join the ranks of The Walking Dead

The one thing that all zombie fans can agree on is that when it comes to dressing up as a zombie it can be difficult to get the right costume.

Here's a taster of what's available and what you could be seeing at a New Year's party near you.

Scary zombie man
Now, we're talking. This costume's pretty good. This guy is someone who's survived a long time and has a lot of tales to tell. If only he could speak, rather than grunt and drool:)

Zombie housewives costume
Hey, I'm not too keen on this one but with a bit of customization this could look more zombie than Stepford Wife who's rushed to get on her dress that's been eaten by moths and then attcked by the kids with paint.
This zombie costume is available from allfancydress.com

Zombie sexy French maid
Again, not too keen on this. It looks more like she's a vampire than a zombie.

Kid's zombie costume
Why should the kids be left out when it comes to zombie fest?
This costume comes from escapade.co.uk and they have pages of them. Why not check them out?

 Zombie American Football costume
It's inevitable that when the undead do rise that people will be doing everyday things. Things like playing ball. This costume is exclusive to partycity.com so it's USA only I'm afraid.

If none of these costumes is quite zombie enough for you, you could always -
1. Make your own.

2.Get someone to turn you into a real-life zombie.

3.Become a zombie extra on The Walking Dead.

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