The Best Zombies videos on the net

There are some amazing zombie themed videos out there. DB trawled the net and here are three of the best.

The Walking Dead: Zombie Little Girl Tutorial

Why should you watch this?

Creepy zombie girl and then a tutorial on how the make up was done.

Credits – this video comes from the awesome DulceCandy87

The Walking Dead's Comic Con Trailer (season 3)

Why should you watch this?
To remind you what TWD army are missing. Oh and Michonne (oh hail this great lady) and loads of zombies are in it.

Making Of The Walking Dead 3x06 "Hounded" 

Why should you watch this?
1. Merle's in it.
2. It shows how this awesome show is made.
3.It answers the question - where does all that zombie gunk come from?

More to follow...

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