Christmas Walking Dead style

What do you get someone who can't get enough of this?

You can never either buy or receive enough zombie gifts this Christmas. With that in mind, here's some more awesome, zombtastic, undead merchandise.

This time, I thought I'd concentrate on gifts for The Walking Dead.

TWD figures
Sadly, most of the figures I've seen look nothing like the characters.

These little beauties featuring kick ass Michonne and her two pet zombies as a complete set, are available from Forbidden Planet in the UK (they won't be available until March 2013 though) although you can buy Michonne's zombies one at a time. See for zombie 1 and zombie 2.

TWD Comics/graphic novels
Why not find out how close the storylines of the hit TV show are to the original comics? Who knows you might find out what's to come when season 3 starts again in Febuary 2013.
If you do, tell us. We'll keep quiet, honest.

TWD in Playboy
Fancy reading an exclusive 6-page story in Plyaboy featuring Michonne? Then look no further than the April 2012 issue of Playboy.  

Get the t-shirt
Drew Struzan, the internationally recognized artist responsible for the iconic posters of such blockbusters as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and Blade Runner  has produced a poster for The Walking Dead.

Piggy bank
This bank will eat your money and hey, it might even eat you. I'm reliably informed that this particular zombie is available in the US and the UK.

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