Abraham dies in The Walking Dead at Negan's hands

With the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead leaving us puzzled/angry/incensed and wondering who Negan killed with his baseball bat Lucille, there's a lot of theories going around about who got their head smashed in with Negan's barbed wire bat when Season 7 starts. 

Eeenie, meenie, miny moe...where my bat lands nobody knows

In my last post, I wrote about how Carol would die to save Daryl, not because I thought it'd happen (Carol is one of the few stars in the show who can go all Die Hard on her enemies ass - just ask the saviors), but because it'd make a fitting end for a warrior.

Comic Kingdom meets the TV Walkerverse

Of course, Carol is safe after Morgan saved her from her death wish, Together they've met one of the members of The kingdom, a community led by Ezekiel who we'll be seeing soon along with his pet tiger. 

Someone who definitely has been captured is is Abraham who left with Rick's and Co to take Maggie to the doc at the Hilltop colony. Since Denise's death and Rick shot dead the only other doctor, Alexandria has no doctor.

This is why I think with some regret that Abraham will be the one one Negan takes out. 

Denise got the arrow Abraham got in the comics.
1. Denise's death by arrow was Abraham's death in the comics. Seems like they wanted Abraham to die a more iconic death. Keeping him for Negan, perhaps?

Abraham is lucky Rosita didn't kill him when he dumped her.

2. Once a man gets their shit together in The Walking Dead, they're doomed. Abraham ditched Rosita (he did it in such a callous way, she should have killed him) after he decided Sasha was the one he wanted to be with. Happiness doesn't survive in the walkerverse.

Is this the last thing Abraham will see? 

Negan - a fitting death for Abraham? 

3. Michael Cudlitz said in an interview after Beth's death, that she didn't deserve the death she got and Abraham death by arrow in the comics wasn't a big enough death for Abraham. The actor wanted an iconic death. What more iconic death could there be than at the hands of Negan?

Read the interview with the actor here 

Soon we'll know the truth - we hope - but its The Walking Dead's capacity to have us talking about these things that makes it the biggest TV show in the world.

What next in Season 7 of The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead season 6 finale left most of frustrated, angry, sad even as we watched what we assume was someone die at the hands of Negan's vicious bat Lucille.

But with Morgan and Carol coming across two men in body armour who are probably from The Kingdom, the finale did offer some hope.

But apart from us meeting new people, what else can we expect in season 7 of the hit show?

Here's some suggestions -

1. Michonne's gets her revenge on the man who cut off one of her dreads.

2. Where Daryl's arrow goes into Dwight, the X-ray will look like this. 

3. If Abraham does get battered to death by Negan's baseball bat this is how he'll go out.

4. The next time Rick hears a man whistle, he'll do this.

What The Walking Dead taught me about writing

Dumb decisions brought Rick and the gang to this point.

Most of the second half of Season 6 of The Walking Dead didn't make sense.

Most of the characters we know and love acted like they'd lost their minds.

Okay, I've said it. 

And I'm not alone in thinking it. 

The Walking Dead made us feel like this.

The last few episodes leading up the Walking Dead season 6 finale had a lot of people screaming at their TV screens. The reason - the characters that viewers know (probably as well as most family members) and love started acting out of character.

Rick kills Primo thinking he's Negan. 

Take Rick Grimes. He goes after Negan's gang not even knowing who exactly they are, what Negan looks like and whether his group will be outnumbered and outgunned. 

Does that make any sense for such a shrewd leader? No way, Jose.

Then there's our beloved Daryl Dixon. With the big bogey man coming in the shape of comic villain Negan (did Rick Grimes really think the red shirt he killed so easily in a previous episode was dictator Negan - I doubt it), Daryl Dixon decided to go after Savior Dwight who killed Dr Denise with an arrow to the head. Daryl believed he'd caused her death by not killing Dwight when he had the chance. 

Daryl Dixon gets caught too easily. Like that should happen!

If Daryl Dixon had gone after his zombie apocalypse soulmate, Carol, that'd have made sense. But getting justice for Denise, I just don't see it.

Rick and Daryl weren't the only ones behaving out of character.

When a psycho is coming, you need Carol. 

Carol, the mother of the group, decides to leave Tobin a Dear John letter and quit Alexandria. Bully Negan's heading their way, but hey she can't kill for anyone any more. Even though she's pretty good at it.

Abraham doesn't tell Rick his plan to take out the saviors is dumb.

Soldier Abraham doesn't even suggest they do some fact-finding on Negan and his band of thieves before they kill some of his cohorts whilst they're sleeping. There's no due diligence like, "Hey, Rick shouldn't we check the guy you're about to kill genuinely is the Big, Bad Wolf?"

But, no the story isn't being dictated by Rick, Daryl, Carol and Abraham. What Rick and Co do is being dictated by the story. The writers are using them like pawns on a chessboard.

Annoying isn't it when characters are manipulated like that, and unsatisfying. 

And that's why so many fans like me are angry with The Walking Dead - we know these characters and how they'll react and its not how they've been acting on the show. 

Rick would find out everything he could about Negan before he went after him.

Daryl wouldn't go and get himself and a lot of his friends taken.

Carol would kill again - even if it was one last time.

Abraham would say to Rick, "We need to do this right."

Michonne getting caught? No way. 

No matter what you're writing, your characters have to act in a believable way. Rick, Daryl, Carol and Abraham haven't been doing that.

Their characters have been messed with to make the story go a certain way and that leaves viewers disappointed.

As a writer, you don't want your readers to feel the same way. They'd be perfectly entitled to throw your book across the room.

Characters must be consistent and if they change, there must be a very good reason for it.

Good storytelling has to make some sense, or your readers will be left disappointed.