The Walking Dead season 7 finale could have been much better

One of the many iconic moments from The Walking Dead so
great- unfortunately there were few in the season 7 finale.
I enjoyed The Walking Dead Season 7 finale but I can't help feeling it could have been better.

A whole lot better with a faster pace and if things had happened differently.

Here's some things that bugged me about the finale -

1. Michonne getting her ass kicked
Michonne v Tamiel - Come off it, the woman who could kill you with a stare, who cost the Governor an eye, who took down all those walkers when Merle left her tied up outside an abandoned motel (This Sorrowful Life) almost gets killed by Tamiel. Really? Especially after Jadis wants to "lay with Rick?" and Michonne's still seething about that?

Now that's suspending belief.

Michonne cost the Governor and eye, then eventually his life.

2. Jadis and her garbage people being as weird as ever
Looking like something out of Mad Max and talking in one word sentences, there's still no explanation as to why this not so merry band are the way they are. Are they from a deaf school or maybe a school with special needs? Why's Jadis the only one who talks whilst the others stand around like teachers at a school prom?

More importantly, how did they manage to make a deal with Negan when they use two worded sentences?

Explanations needed or they just come across as dumb.

Jadis turned Judas. Did you see that coming?
Yep, me too. 

3. The Sasha/Abraham flashbacks
Were a good idea but they dragged the story right down and (and maybe it's just me) but the couple were only together about five minutes and as much as I liked the characters individually they weren't a couple long enough to make the flashbacks particularly poignant. 

Instead of the over long flashbacks between them they should have shown the moment Rick was first greeted by Glenn with the words over the radio: "Hey, dumb ass."

That would have tied in with Maggie's moving voice over at the end about Rick and Glenn bringing everybody together. Glenn deserved to be paid homage to.

Sasha and Abraham? Not so much. 

This just didn't work for me.

4. Negan's still alive - Rick should have ripped out his throat.
Almost bitten by walker Sasha, almost eaten by Shiva the tiger, why can't he die already? Walking Dead fans seem to be split into two camps - those who think Negan is the best thing ever and those who hate him and want him off the show.

Me, I fall into the second camp. Every time you see Negan he's at his bullying, swaggering worst. I don't blame the actor who's doing the best with what he's got. Nope, I blame the lazy writers who think a comic character can translate directly from a graphic novel to a TV screen.

It doesn't work. They either need to sort this or kill Negan off.

Good to see Rick tell Negan he'll kill him. 

Rick had no play when Negan had him on his knees? Well, maybe this one. 

And that brings me to my last point...

Negan shouldn't be the big bad in a show about zombies. That should fall to the zombies.

5. The lack of full on walker action  
Okay, we get that The Walking Dead are the humans in the show and not the walkers as we first thought, but where are the zombies? Arguably Season 7 has been the worst season of the show, and the main reason for that is a lack of undead action. We want more junk yard spiked walkers, more sand dwellers, more walker hordes. Have fun with them like Z Nation and Ash versus Evil do.

Remember primarily that it's a zombie show. Villains will come and go but zombies are forever. We need more of them.

We need to see more walker action.

What did you think?

What would you have loved to see in the season 7 finale?