How Carol could die to save Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead Season 6 finale

Could Carol and Daryl be about to say goodbye?

When Negan does first appear in Issue 100, he punishes Rick Grime's group for taking on The Saviors by choosing someone in the group to bash with his baseball bat, named Lucille. In the comics, Glenn gets his head bashed in.

Who'll meet their grisly end under Negan's bat?

But, wouldn't it make more sense if Negan targets Daryl instead? He did after all vaporise some of his best men and equipment with a rocket launcher after they made the mistake of telling Daryl, Abraham and Sasha, "Everything you own is Negan's now."

No wonder they ended up as puddles of blood. 

So, Negan targets Daryl. 

Carol has had enough in the walkerverse?

Step toward Carol. "He might have killed a few of your gang, but I killed a lot," she sneers. 

She'll tell how she trapped the newly arrived Saviors on the kill floor, which had been doused with gasoline and how she then threw her lit cigarette into the room and watched as their bodies went up in flames. 

Carol threw the match that burned the saviors alive. Will Negan take his revenge?

Way to out psycho a psycho Carol. 

Would it be any wonder if Negan decided to turn Lucille on one the most dangerous people in the walkerverse? 

What do you think? Who will end their days as a bloody pulp? 

If Carol does die she'll go out as the woman who singlehandedly saved them all from Terminus, in one of the best all-time episodes of The Walking Dead.

Negan's other victim?

Negan could choose to kill more than one person. The actor who plays Heath has landed the starring role in the 24 reboot, so it could be him.

Could Abraham be next to go? 

Abraham dodged an arrow death in the TV show and poor doctor Denise got it instead. Could his luck be about to run out? He seems to be the most likely candidate. 

Denise got the arrow that killed Abraham in the comics. 

Note - this is how I'd write it and not based on any inside information or spoilers I've read. 

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