What next for Walking Dead Season 4?

Stop killing off good characters like Milton and Tiny from the prison
In the case of Milton we never got to find out how he knew the Governor or who or what he was. We'd have liked to have found out. 

Big Tiny could have offered some much needed comedy effect. But, hey, being a black guy he didn't stand a chance. He was killed by fellow inmate Tomas

Axel could have brought Carol some happiness, but he got shot. 

Stop ruining women characters like Andrea
Would Andrea really have turned into a starstruck teenager with the Governor? We doubt it. Yet it wasn't until it was too late that she saw the light. It didn't fit the character who was tough and independent. 

Sash the scriptwriters are gonna cock up & kill me.
Stop killing off good characters
Like many members of the Walking Dead family, I couldn't wait to see Merle come back. Then what do they do, they kill him off and make his brother do the deed. Yet, there was more to Merle than meets the eye and we were starting to see that. Merle's death was such a waste. 

Let Daryl be Daryl
He probably wasn't meant to be the star of the show, but he is. So they need to let him be Daryl. That means letting him hunt down the man who made sure Merle turned into a zombie. 

That brings me to the final point...

Kill the Governor
A good character at the start, some of us got bored with him, mainly because the story involving him dragged on so long. He should have been killed by Rick when they set up the meeting. He wasn't. Andrea had the chance to kill him. She didn't take it. Milton also had his chance. He didn't take it. The Governor seems to have more lives than a cat. 

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